Easy Nutella Pizza

Happy Saturday people!!

Weekends in the summer are great for a lot of reasons: going to the market, driving up to the cottage, meeting up with friends….

I’m not sure about you, but I always have a hard time doing things indoors when it’s 80 degrees out and the sun is shining.  The crappy part is that there are all of those things that need to get done (although I’m still hoping the cleaning gnomes exist and will show up at my door soon).  I find it hard to do things like proper recipe testing during the summer months because all the outdoor stuff seems to call my name.  All. Day. Long.

So, on weekends like this – which is slated to be a dreary, soggy one, we can be happy for some guilt-free indoor time.

So let’s do some cooking  this weekend and channel our inner Martha (is she even a thing anymore??).  We can also clean…

But if I’m gonna clean, I’d rather just get caught up on Netfix…

Just sayin’….





I package naan bread (or you can use any flat bread or even raw bread dough rolled really thin)

Cooking spray (or melted butter)

1/4 c sugar

2 tsp cinnamon


1 pint strawberries

Ice cream of your choice

Chopped chocolate (you can get creative here…use chocolate chips, candy bars, toffee bits or whatever you have on hand – I used Fraktals!)




1.  Take out your naan and heat up your grill.




2.  Quickly wash your strawberries (you actually aren’t supposed to wash strawberries because they absorb the liquid but, ever since that e coli outbreak a few years back, I always run them under cold water just before I use them); set aside.





3.  Get out your jar of Nutella; just look at it for a while ’cause it’s so awesome.




4.  Slice up your strawberries and place in a bowl.




5.  Spray both sides of the naan with cooking spray (or brush with melted butter); mix the cinnamon and sugar together and sprinkle both sides of the naan with it.




6. Place on a hot grill and get it toasty so the grill marks show but not so much that it gets hard (you want it to be soft inside).




7.  Spread it with Nutella…




8.  Top it with a scoop of ice cream, some strawberries and some chopped chocolate.

Now go tell the world how happy you are that someone invented Nutella…