1380674273In my life, it’s always been about food. Growing it, learning about it, cooking it, and sharing it.  It is what brings us together at the table and what nurtures our bodies (and souls!).

I am a trained chef, a food blogger, a part time culinary instructor, a “wanna-be” farmer, a mom and a wife….not in any particular order.  Baking it Forward has become a big part of my blog…showing people that a small gesture of sharing food can bring so much happiness.

Throughout the course of my life, I have been a cashier at a grocery store, worked for a luxury hotel chain, baked in a bakery, taught cooking classes to adults and children, baked desserts and breakfast treats for a golf course, led wine and cheese pairings throughout Ontario for a corporate food company, was the “entertainment” at holiday parties as the caterer/cooking teacher, and have spoken at events about my passion for food and my life as a culinary instructor.  I have also volunteered for numerous years in a kindergarten class making gingerbread at Christmas, as well as making sundaes and flipping burgers at school bbq’s.  Do you see the connection here? Crazy that it took me this long to see my passion…I should have figured it out a long time ago!

I live about 40 minutes north of Toronto with my husband, three adult children (my eldest has moved out already!!!) .  We all moved from suburbia to our current home on 35 acres, most of which is water (an actual lake!).  My life has always been a work in progress…and this life on our “farm” is no different. It took a couple of years but I now have a “home garden” (which you can see in the “What I’m Growing” tab) where I grow most of what we eat in the summer months.  My next project is the remaining 10 acres…I want chickens, so a barn is the next logical step….who knows what tomorrow will bring!!

I’m glad you found me here at Just Crumbs.  If you look around, you will find recipes that are part of my teaching repertoire as well as old family recipes, quick and easy meals and, of course lots and lots of dessert!!

For those of you who want to reach me the old-fashioned way (via email) – send a quick note to justcrumbs@hotmail.com!

Thanks so much for stopping by…I hope you get as much pleasure out of these recipes as I have had creating them.



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